Certified Transformational breath® facilitator

Certified Transformational breath® facilitator


 Transformational Breath is the art and science of fully integrating our spirit body with our physcial body and helping the natural connection among body, mind and spirit.



This breathing process  will open restricted patterns of breathing,  integrate and clear the subconscious mind and help you connect more fully with higher forms of consciousness. Discover the power of your breath! 



Andrea began breathing in 2011. After experiencing personal and profound life changes thru the breathwork, she wanted to share this self-empowering gift with others. She trained extensively with founder, Judith Kravitz for her certification and is a past fitness instructor from Rancho La Puerta in Tecate, Mexico and The Golden Door in Escondido, CA as well as a passionate dancer of Argentine Tango. 


*Increases oxygenation throughout the body

*Improves energy levels

*Improves well-being for many conditions and ailments such as Stress Reduction, Respiratory ailments, Headaches and others

*Reduces worry and anxiety

*Improves self-esteem

*Increases life enjoyment

*Allows futher expression of love and joy


written by Roberto Domingo Toledo, Masseuse

 My transformative breath experience was incredible on so many levels. As a massage therapist, I was impressed by how much deep tension was released in my body with minimal physical contact. I also felt ancient emotions stirring, feeling vulnerable and comforted at the same time. On a spiritual level, I was overcome by supernatural sensations that I’ve never experienced in my daily life. I feel like a new person—much more open and at peace—just after one session! Can only imagine the changes more sessions could bring about, can’t wait to find out!! 

More testimonials

Like nothing I have ever experienced and I've been on this journey a long time including...

 ...talk therapy, meditation and energy medecine. I experienced a feeling of love and compassion.  Jill

I'm so amazed & thankful for your skill & kindness at our breath session. I have been at peace...

all week. Things that have bothered me for years have melted away. You are doing the work of God.   Eileen

This is extraordinary work! Amazingly transformative part of the journey..

I will walk from this session changed for the better.  I was able to release a whole layer of fear from my system & it feels great.  This makes you look at breathing COMPLETELY NEW!   Emily

I felt such a powerful energy -joy/love/peace. I came into the session with a migraine...

...and came out feeling much better physically.  Rachel

Very therapeutic on a deep, deep level. I realized how much I hold inside. Andrea was kind and ...

...loving and held lots of space for me to feel.  Sandra

Ever since the first session, I have felt comfortable with myself in any environment and I'm a...

... person with  Chronic Anxiety Disorder and PTSD. I don't think I've ever felt this comfortable in the world. Thank you!! Danielle

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